Irene Wieser Translation Bureau

Translators transfer written texts from one language to another language. Word-by-word translation brings only poor results, since it is the meaning of a text that needs to be transferred. Not only excellent knowledge of the source language and the target language, but also knowledge of cultural contexts is necessary. Specialist knowledge is required to translate many text types. Translators thus need to be able to become acquainted with different specialist areas in a short time and they must be able to judge the reliability of the information found. Last but not least, the target text should not only be grammatically correct and stylistically similar, but also evoke the same feelings and cause the same reactions in the readers. 

"Words are air. But air turns into wind and makes boats sail.” - Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

So far all attempts to have translations properly done by computers have failed.

Language and translating between languages have aspects that cannot be grasped and therefore translation is still an area where the reliability of the translator is most important.